[MTK 6580] iPhone 8 Clone Firmware Download

[MTK 6580] iPhone 8 Clone Firmware Download

Since the leaks of iPhone 8 shows concept design and rumored features and specifications. moreover that leaks are not official but Chinese clones manufacturers has designed concept/ fake iPhone 8 in  ultra cheap prices. 

This shows that clone mobiles are selling like hot cakes in all over the world. benefits of buying fake phone are for showcase/ style.

These Device comes with Google Apps and Play store Included. and not expect apple iOS. but the software looks similar to iOS.

Users can download all Android apps and Games etc...

Features in this Firmware:

iOS designed Android
iOS Camera
Fake Fingerprint Scanner
Not Rooted
some Apple apps are there but its not original
and much more..

NOTE: Firmware boots on all Mediatek MT6580 Devices, but you need to port some files to make it bugs free.

Download MT6580 iPhone 8 Clone Firmware/ ROM:

Removed (Updating Soon)

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