Mediatek SmartDevice Android APK v1.7.6

Mediatek SmartDevice Android APK v1.7.6

This app is specially made for mediatek based wearable smartwatches. It has many features that you can control wirelessly. in eBay there are many Chinese smartwatches available at a very cheap prices. so get one for you and enjoy more customization from this android app.

Note : Right Now it only supports MT2502 /MT2503 Chip Smart Devices

Features in this app :

1. Strongly Needed MTK Smartwatch
2. It Connects through SPP or GATT (BLE) Mode
3. After Connecting you can install or uninstall Linkitt App
4. You can set Push Notification ON or Off
5. Can Show Phone Messages on Watch
6. Integrated with Google Fit
7. Sync Time, Messages, Notifications etc..

Mediatek SmartDevice APK v1.7.6 From Below : In this site you will find all the Mediatek Devices - Guides, Custom Roms, Tutorials, Porting Tools and Tweaks etc...

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