Permanent IMEI Fix Solution for All Mediatek MTK6572/ 6582/ 6589/ 6592

How to Permanent IMEI Fix Solution for All Mediatek MTK6572/ 6582/ 6589/ 6592...

Fixing IMEI Permanent on Mediatek Devices is not very easy. If you fix IMEI your self by using Mobile Uncle tools or something is a temporary process it will show No IMEI when you Format your MTK Devices.

So in this post we will show you the permanent IMEI Write Solution that works even if your format your mediatek devices.

IMEI is Known as International Mobile Station Equipment Identity that is a unique 15 digit number for each mobile phone. if this lost or not available in your device then your sim will not work untill you fix  your IMEI.

Required tools for fixing IMEI :

Windows PC and Losted IMEI MTK Mobile Phone

DATA Cable and MTK USB Drivers

MauiMETA 3G Software Click Here

SP Drivers Click Here

CDC Driver Click Here

Modem Files Click Here

Steps to do :

1. Enable USB Debugging Mode on your Device and connectg to your PC

2. Install MauiMETA 3G on your PC. Open and select USB Com on Options

3. Switch off your phone and connect while pressing reconnect button as shown in the above image. and press dropdown option and select IMEI download after that you will get popup called IMEI Download. click change NVRAM Database File. and add your MTK Modem.

4. write your IMEI Number and Click Download IMEI Option that's all you have successfully Fixed your IMEI Permanent. In this site you will find all the Mediatek Devices - Guides, Custom Roms, Tutorials, Porting Tools and Tweaks etc...

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